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Steampunk/Clockwork Fantasy

Lord Raventower's clockwork creatures are more than they seem, but it is his unusual link to the newly dead that might get him killed.


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Farstep Station

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Writing Science Fiction: What If!. by Lazette Gifford (Aber Writers Guides)

Writing Science Fiction: What If!

by Lazette Gifford

(Aber Writers Guides)

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Science Fiction

Devlin is the top agent for the Inner Worlds Council Security -- and she's gathered an unlikely group of people to help her with some unusual cases.

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Urban Fantasy

Summerfield has seen his share of the unusual, but he never expected to find Magic in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Dark Staff Series (and more!), available at Double Dragon Publishing

If you can't help your own people...

Freelance reporter Alyn Naevon has started making a name for himself by covering stories about the oppressed people on different worlds. Vidline News, the top reporting service in the Inner Words, wants to hire him to report on the civil unrest on Tempest. It's the chance of a lifetime.

Unfortunately, Tempest is the one world Alyn should avoid.

Vidline News doesn't give these chances twice, and the assignment could lead to a coveted permanent position. Just go in, file a few reports, and get out. How difficult could it be?

He might survive ... as long as no one on either side of the trouble looks too closely at him.

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Novels with print editions!

In a future filled with starships, a gathering of Norse gods sail far wider oceans than they had in the ancient past. When members of the Chinese pantheon abduct one of the Norse, it will take all of Odin's skills to convince an estranged Loki to help get her back.

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Big business and archeology don’t mix!

Lee went to prison for the murder of a young woman, but five years later the true killer had been found and he was free again. His wife had remarried and taken their son with her. His parents had gone back to Greece. With nothing to tie him to the East Coast, Lee heads for the American Southwest on a whim.

There he meets Cheveyo Rey, the owner of a piece of land others want to bulldoze for a new high-end elitist community. Lee and Chev are willing to fight to protect the land and the unusual archeology finds discovered there.

Unfortunately, the Red Sun Corporation is willing to kill for what they want.

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Kostin Helena
has been assassinated!

The death of such an influential man affects not only the powerful Five Families that control the world of Caine’s Hold, but also creates trouble for the off-world appointed Chief Magistrate, Tartina Altay. While she works to contain the riots and worse that tear apart the capital city, Baran Helena, Kostin’s unpopular successor, pushes to take command of the entire world, no matter what the cost.

However, Kostin had a second son.

Kostanos Helena escaped Helena House the night his father died. Addicted to the drug Soft, and living precariously as a street singer, Kostanos survives because Baran believes his brother has escaped off-world, while Altay is convinced the younger Helena must be dead.

Unfortunately, as long as Helena House stays in Baran’s hands, nothing will get better, and it may be that Kostanos is the only hope of survival for Caine’s Hold.

Ebook Version: $3.99 Amazon / Smashwords

Trade Paperback Version: $14.95 HERE

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Silky Trilogy

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Mark had known his life would change after high school, but he had expected the changes to wait until graduation, at least.

Then he killed the sheriff's son in self-defense. Sheriff Creston wasn't going to believe that his son had turned into a monster with fangs, fur, and claws, so Mark rushed to escape through the gate into Elsewhere and hide for a while. However things turned worse from the moment he reached the gate, and now it seems as though everything in the magical realm is out to get him -- and it has nothing to do with what happened back in the human world.

Originally written as three flash fiction serials on my Joyously Prolific Blog, this new version has been expanded and (I hope) the inconsistencies corrected.

So welcome to the crazy life of Mark Ward, his fae-employed cousin Maggie, and Edmond, the talking cat. They -- and you -- are in for an adventure or two.

Ebook Version: $3.99 Amazon/Smashwords




Sixteen-year-old Faith St. Aubin -- whose mother is black and father is white -- is about to have her only-child life upset by the arrival of her cousin Logan, a skinhead whose barely polite answers and secretive actions point to a lot of trouble. How is she supposed to deal with someone like him in her own home?

But maybe things aren't as clear-cut as they seem....


Ebook Version: $3.99 Amazon/Smashwords


What happens when you introduce the dangerous Port Rat gangs of Caliente (Badlands) to the ingenious Lindy Pirates of the Aquila Fringe (Vita's Vengeance)? You get a whole new level of danger and adventure!

This book includes spoilers for the other two novels. However, it can stand on its own.


Ebook Version: $3.99 Amazon / Smashwords


Welcome to Grey Station 9....

When Ra wakes up on the cold metal floor, he fears past deeds have caught up with him. The truth is worse: his boss, the Head of Security, drugged him and stole his travel chit. Ra didn't know the ship was the last one scheduled to visit Grey Station 9.

Now he is trapped in a disaster waiting to happen. The station itself was never completed. Many of the crew have left along with the man who drugged him. Thousands of colonists were transported here on their way to a new world then abandoned.

And now it is up to Ra, as the new Head of Security, to keep things from getting worse.

He's not happy.

No one is happy.

Things are going to get worse.

Ebook Version: $3.99 Amazon / Smashwords




The Gods are returning and bringing chaos with them.

The only hope of survival the desert tribes have lies with the ancient Standard of the Gods and the mysterious powers it holds. However, getting the Standard to the sacred city of Tiamarta isn't going to be an easy journey, especially for Gareth, a man born in the northern lands of mountains and snow, and now one of the two men who has taken an oath to see the Standard to safety.

With enemies on all sides and chaos closing in, anything can happen. The future is written in the sand, and a change of wind can change -- or erase -- everything.

Ebook Version: $4.99 Amazon / Smashwords



Circe's sacred forest is a place where wounded and hunted animals can find sanctuary. She and her long-time companions -- a one-eyed wolf, a cat with a limp, and a tailless mouse -- have lived quietly until a wounded young man wanders into her woods, followed by those who are hunting him.

When the All-Mother lets Circe know that she must help Tiernan, the best she can do is to send her friends to protect him, though they cannot go in their animal forms.

Ebook Version: $2.99 Amazon / Smashwords



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